Nick Fairbanks

Fire Department Headquarters
Title: Firefighter
FF Nick Fairbanks

Nicholas Fairbanks has been in the fire service for three years. He began his service as a call firefighter for the Town of Auburn in 2015 and became a full-time Firefighter/Paramedic in 2017 with the AFRD.

Nick attended the District 7 Call Firefighter Recruit Training Program in 2015 and later graduated from the Massachusetts Fire Fighting Academy Career Recruit Training Program Class# 259. He received his EMT certification and later went on to receive his Paramedic certification from Mass Bay Community College in 2017.

FF Fairbanks holds a bachelor’s degree in Fire Science from Anna Maria College. Outside of work, he likes to play Frisbee golf, soccer and snowboard. You might have seen him in this years “Dancing with the Stars of Auburn” to benefit Auburn Youth & Family Services, where he took home second place. Nick’s future goals are to obtain a masters degree and to become a Lieutenant with the Auburn Fire Rescue Department.

“Learn something every day. Get better everyday. There is always something you can improve on.” Devon J.


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