Development Coordination Group (DCG)

About DCG

The Development Coordinating Group (DCG) is comprised of Town regulatory departments that meet regularly to offer pre-development advisement to applicants on projects including but not limited to: new construction, opening a business, or hosting an event in the Town of Auburn. DCG meetings are designed to clarify the permitting process and provide applicants with constructive feedback on the nature of their proposed project(s). These meetings are not required, but are highly encouraged in most cases.

Please be advised that the comments provided by DCG are advisory in nature; Guidance given at these meetings does not constitute any kind of regulatory approval nor does it dismiss formal hearing requirements. You will receive feedback on what Boards, Commissions, or Departments you should contact in order to receive inspections and/or permits. Comments are subject to change based on revisions to your plans throughout the official permitting process(es). 

DCG consists of representatives from the following Departments:

  • Police Department
  • Fire Department
  • Department of Public Works
    • (Engineering, Highway, Parks, and Sewer Divisions)
  • Department of Development and Inspectional Services
    • (Building, Zoning, Planning, Conservation, Public Health, and Economic Development)
  • Board of Selectmen/Town Manager’s Office
  • Auburn Water District

Projects that should apply to DCG:

  • The DCG process is mandatory for all Select Board Licenses; for a full list of Select Board-issued licenses and fees, please visit: Select Board-issued licenses will be placed on a DCG agenda by default, on a date before your hearing with the Board of Selectman. Please submit  License Applications to the Town Manager's office. They will be forwarded to the Economic Development Division. 
  • For new development, change of use, or if you are unsure whether your project is allowed by-right, please submit a Zoning Interpretation Request (ZIR) prior to requesting a DCG meeting. ZIR’s should be submitted to the Building Department at or using the Town's online Permitting Portal, along with the $50 fee (cash or check made out to "Town of Auburn").

If you are unsure if you should attend DCG, please contact the Department of Development and Inspectional Services to discuss.

To be placed on an agenda, you need to have a specific address and proposal, along with at preliminary site plans (if applicable).

Please email the Economic Development Division to request a DCG meeting.

How to prepare for the meeting:

A proposed project will be added to the meeting agenda only after a request or license application has been submitted. Meetings are held on the 1st and 3rd Wednesdays of each month the second floor of Town Hall, 104 Central St. Please await a response confirming receipt of your request; a Town staff member will be in touch within 3 business days to either request more information or to schedule your meeting date/time.

All meeting materials are sent to the group the Friday before the meeting. Please keep this in mind when submitting requests.

Applicants are encouraged to invite their engineers, contractors, attorneys, etc. to attend.

Please be prepared to introduce yourself and give a brief overview of your project and ask any initial questions you may have. The Group will then review your proposal with you and go over specific departmental regulations. 

  1. Economic Development

    Physical Address
    104 Central St
    Auburn, MA 01501