Sewer Division


The Town of Auburn Sewer Division operates under an enterprise fund financial structure, therefore, the Division is financially self-sustaining, raising revenues through usage fees, connection fees, and state sewer relief funding when available. Operating costs have continued to increase mainly due to the annual assessment charged by the Upper Blackstone Clean Water facility (UBCW).

The Town of Auburn is a collection system only. All sewerage from the Town is transported to the UPCW treatment plant in Millbury via the twelve pump and ejector stations in the Town. There are approximately eighty-four miles of sewer lines in the Town of Auburn, with approximately 85% of the Town having sewer service available.


If the office is closed and you have an emergency and need to speak to someone in the department immediately, please call the Auburn Police Department at 508-832-7777 and they will page the on-call person to your location. The Sewer Division has a person on call 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Liability Notice

The Auburn Sewer Division would like to remind all home and business owners that unforeseen circumstances and/or extreme weather conditions may cause wastewater (sewerage) back-up into your homes or businesses. In most cases, the Auburn Sewer Division and/or the Town of Auburn is not liable for damages or losses suffered as a result of such conditions.

We encourage each of our customers (homeowners, tenants, and businesses) to explore the possibility of purchasing additional homeowner’s or property damage insurance to protect against this type of loss or damage.

permit applications

Permit applications for the Sewer Division can be found on the Permits & Licensing page. See below for the most current permit fee schedule: