Tax Due Dates

Real Estate & Personal Property

Real Estate and Personal Property Taxes in the Town of Auburn are paid quarterly throughout a fiscal year which runs from July 1 to June 30.

The due dates are as follows:

  • 1st Half Preliminary Bill (Quarter 1): Due August 1st
  • 2nd Half Preliminary Bill (Quarter 2): Due November 1st
  • 1st Half Actual Bill (Quarter 3): Due February 1st
  • 2nd Half Actual Bill (Quarter 4): Due May 1st

Motor Vehicle Excise

Motor Vehicle Excise bills are assessed on a calendar year, not on a fiscal year. There are no statutory dates on which excise bills must be due. Excise bills are sent to taxpayers by the Town of Auburn throughout the year as groups of bills known as Commitments are received by the Town from the Massachusetts Registry of Motor Vehicles. Approximately three-fourths of all excise bills will be mailed in the First Commitment as a single group, usually during the last week of February, and will be due, by statute, in 30 days.

The balance of the bills will be sent in groups throughout the rest of the calendar year as additional commitments of bills are received by the Town from the Registry. The Town of Auburn has no control over which bills will be included in any particular commitment as received from the Registry of Motor Vehicles. Please call the Collector’s Office at 508-832-7705 if you think that you may have an outstanding Motor Vehicle Excise Bill.