Motor Vehicle Excise Information

  1. Motor Vehicle Abatements
  2. Motor Vehicle Excise Tax
  3. Motor Vehicle Exemption

 Motor Vehicle Abatements

A partial abatement of the excise (and refund for an excise already paid) is appropriate in any of the following circumstances:

  • Transfer of registration from one vehicle to another, providing the first vehicle has been sold or traded.
  • Registration showing proof of transfer
  • Transfer of a person and his vehicle to another state or country with proof of registration in that state or country and cancellation of a registration in Massachusetts
  • Overvaluation of a motor vehicle
  • Subsequent registration of the same vehicle in the same year by the same person
  • Notification to the police within 48 hours of discovery of a theft of the vehicle, surrender of the certificate of registration not less than 30 days after the theft, and presentation of a certificate from the Registrar of Motor Vehicles (RMV) verifying that the car has been stolen and plate return receipt

To File for an Abatement

  • Complete an Abatement Application
  • Provide the Appropriate Documentation

Abatements are pro-rated by the number of months in the year after the month the last eligibility requirement takes place. Demand and interest fees can not be abated.

We Need to Know Two Things

  • What Happened to the Vehicle
    • Charity - Need of Copy of the Letter from the Donation
    • Gift to Relative - Need of Copy of Their New Registration
    • Junked - Need of Copy of the Bill of Sale
    • Repossessed- Need of Copy of the Letter from Finance
    • Sold - Need of Copy of the Bill of Sale
    • Stolen - Need Copy of the Police Report
    • Totaled - Need of Copy of the Letter from Insurance Company
    • Traded - Need of Copy of the Bill of Sale Showing Trade-in
  • What Happened to the License Plate
    • Copy of Massachusetts Plate Return Receipt from the RMV
    • Lost/Stolen Plate - Need Copy of Lost Plate Receipt from the RMV
    • Moved to Another State and Re-Registered Vehicle - Copy of Registration from New State
    • Returned - Need Copy of Plate Return Receipt from the RMV
    • Transfer to Another Vehicle - Need Copy of New Registration

Not Garaged in Auburn & You Receive a Bill from Auburn

A copy of your insurance policy showing the principal place of garaging in another town in Massachusetts as of January 1.