Emergency Management

The Office of Emergency Management (OEM) is responsible for coordinating resources during emergencies and disasters, or incidents that exceed the day-to-day resources of the Police, Fire and other public departments of the Town. The OEM is responsible for preparing the Town for whatever challenges it may face as well as post incident mitigation.

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Community Emergency Response Team (CERT)

In an effort to build awareness and reduce risks, The Office of Emergency Management, in cooperation with the Auburn Police and Auburn Fire-Rescue Departments, hosts the Community Emergency Response Team (CERT) Program, a 9-week civilian preparedness training program. Currently, the Town of Auburn has trained approximately 100 residents through the CERT Program and has another class scheduled for Spring 2006.

CERT members are trained to provide initial response and treatment to their neighborhoods that may be in an affected area of Town that may not be readily accessible by public safety entities. Such situations may include weather related incidents such as hurricanes, tornadoes; or, other man-made incidents. In the recent past CERT members have played a vital role in the evacuation and sheltering of fire and flooding victims. Additionally, CERT members have been called upon to provide security assistance at July 4th celebrations.

Operations Center

The Town of Auburn maintains an independent emergency operations center (EOC) that is activated during an emergency and serves as the command and control center. During an emergency, all Town departments heads, communications staff and local government officials gather at the EOC to manage and coordinate resources and assets necessary to mitigate an incident.


During emergencies in which residents are displaced from their homes, The Office of Emergency Management is responsible for opening and operating, in cooperation with the American Red Cross, emergency shelters that are located throughout the Town. Residents will be advised as to which shelter(s) will be opened depending on the emergency and its location.

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