Business Certificates

Business Certificate Application Process

This form is also known as a Doing Business As (D/B/A) or a Fictitious Name registration. Business certificates are required under MGL Chapter 110 Section 5 as part of the Consumer Protection Laws. This is not a license to do business. A business certificate is required for listing the business name and owner with the Town if the business is a sole proprietor, a partnership or a corporation doing business in a different name as the corporate name. Even a corporation doing business under the corporate name may be requested to file with the Town by an attorney, accountant or a bank.

The owner’s signature(s) or corporate officer’s signature must be notarized on the application form. If this is done in the office the signatures will be notarized for no charge as part of the process. There are three pages to this application. The second page is only filled in when a change is being requested. Retain page 2 for your records. Please fill out and return page 1 and 3 if doing this by mail.


  • $60 - New or renewal business certificates
  • $20 - Change of name, address or withdrawal